Labour of love

I think of photography as a passion and I try to take good photos as possible. Truth is, I am just a dummie who is so used to the auto settings. But these are using manual setting. Though they are far from professional, I am all satisfied. I am struggling to focus as my eyes are not so good and my glasses are far-sighted. I think I can focus better with a new pair of short-sighted glasses.

Hello Tiny!
Are you a spider?

Hello Tiny!
Hello Tiny!

I often wonder what is it like to be so tiny, so I will take macro shots of tiny insects just to see how they look like and what they were doing. I really like to know at least their names/species so that I can look up about them in the web. Miss Bumblebee , my favourite Entomologist, would you help me pretty please?

PUmpkin's Curl
Pumpkin’s Curl

Flower Dunno
This flower looks like an alien screaming!

Mom's rosebud
Mom’s Rosebud. She has, I dunno, maybe more than 10 species of roses.

From my mom’s garden. She dedicated 1/3 for her vegetables; and the rest for her flowers.

Happy Labour Day to all!

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  1. hmmm.hmmm…

    hmmm..its quite sometime i’ve to identify something other than urban pest (namely roaches, mosquitoes and flies) but i think its from Order – Hemiptera (Reduvidae), im no expert (yet!) naming the species though, sorry.

    maybe other insect lovers can help us out *winkwink*

    have a gr8 thursday sis πŸ™‚

  2. niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
    macam national geographic dah

    ( uhuhuhhuhu me dah lama x-snappy snap picture )


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