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My brother, Azrai who works in a bank booked the company’s apartment in Tanjung Biru (also known as Blue Lagoon), Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. We planned to go to Langkawi but had to cancel because sis-in-law is in her early stage of pregnancy and could not travel far.

Azrai also sponsored our lunch and dinner! Yay, thanks bro!

Below are photos from our mini holiday:

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  1. Loved the pictures Emila.. so wonderfully clear and professionally taken.. cantik gambaq2 burung tu…

    Hope you had a wonderful time in PD.. takper next time gi Langkawi pulak ok 🙂

    Have a great weekend dearie!!

  2. Hi Emila! welcome back! looks like u had a blast during yr mini holidays! 🙂 Tanjung Biru looks very neat. How’s the hotel? How much is their normal rate/ night? Me & my friends are plannng a short vakasi and we are looking at malacca and pd.

    i love these pictures, especially, the one with yassin in the pool “relax sekejap”, silhoutte of a pine tree”, yassin imitating crab, and those that yr hubby took on Achik “Daniel aka Achik” and yassin wt thumb up “Best la PD”. Great Shots!! :mrgreen:

  3. Emila! Wah wah wah bervakasi sakan nampaknya! Eh you know, last time when I was studying in JB, biasa makan goreng pisang with cili padi kicap or sambal. But it seems to be not so popular in KL. It’s actually quite nice to makan goreng pisang dengan samabal, as weird as it sounds!!

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