I’m loving them!

After waiting for more than a month, a package finally reached me last week. I’ve entered a contest organised by JC’s Coffeehouse and won a handmade bookmark by JC. I jumped to joy as I open the package! It’s so beautiful! I love it! Thank you so much JC!

Beautiful bookmark by JC!

I also received the ‘Hello From…" ATCs swap (3 for 3) organised by JC in Monday Artday ATC. You can view my set >here <.

Lovely ATCs made by JC (host special), S.Loya, Karin Nichols and Katrice Shorter.

Jean Chia , a good online friend of mine sent this lovely coin purse that she bought from her recent trip to Thailand. I love it! Thank you so much, Jean!

Coin purse from Jean Chia

I received this lovely name board from sweet Ida whom I got to meet during KLIBF 2008 in PWTC! She made it specially for me! Thank you so much Ida, I really love it!

Beautiful name board by Ida!

Last but not least, I received beautiful unique ATC from Jen Gubicza for trading At, my cat with her! It is so neat and pretty! Thank you Jen!

Stitched ATC made by Jen Gubicza from Salem

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  1. Wow Emila, you take beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you liked the bookmark and that you finally received my mail! yay! Lots of nice presents you’ve been receiving…. well, it’s true, you deserve it! (((Hugs)))

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