Thank you!

The result is in, though there are few more hours left, I could never compete with the top ones. Their momijis are beautiful and their votes are way too high! I’ve gained 47 votes and I must say that I am so happy that I’ve gotten so far! I thank all who took the trouble to register and voted for my dolls!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart:
Aiman Danial & Afiq | Ana C | Annice | Bharat Shrestha | CGH Constance | Cik Daun | Eddie John | Fida Abbott | Flsam | Ina | Jan | Janice | JC Coffeehouse | Jean JJ | Jean Chia | Kim Bucheit | Lady Java | Lily Lulu | Lunes Bijoux | Mangosteenskin | Marvic | Mary Freebies | Mariuca | Missbumblebee | Mollyjinxed | Mozamota (my husband, thank you dahling!) | Mariana Musa | Mrs Imran | Nessa Adora | Pati Cabana | Pei Yin | Pupu | Richyreens | Rizal | Roxychick | Singing Snowflakes | Soojoanne | Tania Sofia Oliveira | Teh Aida | Trinity | Trish | Valgalart | Willie Baronet | Yan Chai | Zari | Zime | Zubli Zainordin |

Valgalart is the winner!
And the winner of the handmade set is: Valgalart!
(The set is on it’s way to meet Valerie!)

Thank you so much, love y’all! Muahhhs!

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  1. Oh well.. it’s ok Emila.. next contest perhaps. Let us know and we vote and vote and vote ok… and congrats to Valgalart for winning your fabulous giveaway!!

    Have a great weekend dearie 🙂

  2. Hi Emila,
    don’t worry dear you did well walaupun tak what LJ said, next time OK?..just tell us and we’ll vote and vote and vote..yeay to Emila!

  3. congrats valgalart!
    better luck next time (for me.. :mrgreen: )

    and as of for you, of course we’ll vote for you again the next time!
    keep on producing gud quality illo/prods awrite!

    i heart them all!

  4. Ohhh.. CONGRATS VALGALART!!! 😀 I’ll try next time to get the next gift! Hahaha..

    Oh emila, Your most welcome! 😉 Let us know if you need us to vote you. I’m in it!:D

  5. Hey Emila,

    You have done a good job after all ! I always admire your work, strong competitors helps us realize and improve further on our thoughts, so keep up the good work gal !!!!

  6. 😳 I am so faklempt! I am beyond the universe to win something your lovely hands created! Thank You Emilia!!! I will use it all spring and summer! 😆 😉

  7. 😳 Dear Emila I received my beautiful gifts from you today and I can’t believe your generosity,talents and kindness. You are so talented and the items are crafted with such love and skill down to the lining and end papers. Thank You seems inadequate and I am making you some valgal stuff. All the girls at the post office were oohing and ahhing! Even the stamps from malaysia are beautiful. I don’t seem to find your email so I will get back to you when I send out your gifts. I do have your address now. Hugs, valgal 😉

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