I’m in Top 101!

Top 101 Artists’ Blogs by Kim Barker

Kim Barker from LakeTrees has done a research and has compiled the Top 101 Artists’ Blogs. I was surprised to see the incoming link and checked her blog. I was even more surprised when I found my name is on the top (based on my Technorati authority)! Wow! It’s such an honor to be up there! I know I won’t be at the top for long as her list includes many great artists, herself included. So for the time being, I’m enjoying the moment. Thank you Kim!

If you’re an artist/illustrator/painter/designer, have registered with Technorati and would like to be in the list, you can submit your blog to Kim.

Here are the top 30:

TOP 10 TOP 20 TOP 30
Emila’s Illustrated Blog
Authority: 447
Rank: 9,757

Authority: 353
Rank: 13,578

The BenSpark
Authority: 276
Rank: 18,625

Ming the Artmaker
Authority: 139
Rank: 44,842

Leanne Wildermuth
Authority: 135
Rank: 46,326

Making a Mark
Authority: 107
Rank: 60,932

Carol Marine
Authority: 101
Rank: 65,568

Non dairy Diary
Authority: 94
Rank: 71,974

New Work and Inspiration
Authority: 84
Rank: 82,932

Authority: 77
Rank: 92,012
Much of a muchness
Authority: 76
Rank: 93,462

Authority: 74
Rank: 96,541

Ascender Rises Above
Authority: 69
Rank: 104,933

Artist Hideout
Authority: 65
Rank: 112,625

Jana’s Journal & Sketch
Authority: 65
Rank: 112,625

Authority: 64
Rank: 138,102

Meditation Photography
Authority: 62
Rank: 119,246

Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art
Authority: 59
Rank: 126,758

Paintings in Oil
Authority: 58
Rank: 129,395

The Illustrated Garden
Authority: 55
Rank: 137,774
Calamity Kim
Authority: 55
Rank: 137,774

The Portrait Party
Authority: 52
Rank: 147,290

Photography by KML
Authority: 51
Rank: 150,747

Women, Art, Life
Authority: 51
Rank: 150,747

rue Manuel bis
Authority: 50
Rank: 154,301

Teri’s Painted Daisies
Authority: 47
Rank: 166,367

Arts & Stuff
Authority: 46
Rank: 170,597

Colorado Art Studio
Authority: 46
Rank: 170,597

Authority: 44
Rank: 179,530

Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion
Authority: 43
Rank: 184,350

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  1. hi Emila
    well so far I can’t see anyone toppling you from the top of the list yet πŸ˜‰ ….and I have been getting more submissions on a daily basis πŸ™‚
    thank you for presenting the list in such a professional manner… in fact your layout with the columns side by side is something I will consider with my list…..
    your Teddy Bear painting is exceptional…..
    and your son is
    gorgeous….he is very lucky to have such a creative and thoughtful Mum 😎
    regards Kim

  2. oh dear…I’m not too sure what happened to my earlier comment but just in case that didn’t go through…

    Tahniah!!! and I love the painting you did for IF-Excess πŸ™‚

  3. wah wah wah!!! TOP 10?!! Congratulations, emila! You memang rocks!!! Remember, i am your no.1 fan!! LOL! Keep up your great work!! Wishing you more success in the near future! πŸ™‚ *LOVE & HUGZ* to the Great Emila Yusof!

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