Oct 22, 2007

Blogging for friendship



I was tagged by Bobby Revell to join him in his project to promote goodness and friendship in the blogosphere. I am so happy to write about it and share my thoughts.

I started blogging last year and have been amazed by how fast I developed many great friendships throughout. Even though I know them virtually through blogs, I feel like we are all old friends and could so easily meet and be instantly comfortable with each other in real life. The blogosphere is indeed a special place, and I’m happy to be part of it. I thank all who’ve welcomed me so kindly and generously. I look forward to lots more, and to making many new friends along the way.

So, to promote goodness and friendship in the blogosphere, I am hereby linking to all who have made it here even just for a while. Do visit them, they are all wonderful people! Please allow me some times (at least 2 or 3 days) to browse through all comments to find your links. I hope I’m not missing out on anyone but if I do, please forgive me and do drop me a comment, I will add your link!

Here’s to great friendships, I love all of you!

Abigail | Adam Kayce | Adria | Adrian | Ah oklah | Alan | Alice Teh | Alicia Padron | Alina Chau | Alix | Alex S | Alexiev Gandman | Alwizbme | Ammon | Analia | Ann | Ant Farm | April | Art | Art of ApOgEE | Angela | Anette Heiberg | Anna | Anna Barrow | Annie Wilkinson | Antibarbie | AscenderRisesAbove | Arvindh | Ashoda | Ashton | Aussie Cynic | Ayie | Azim Kassam | Azwan | BabyFiona | Bearuh | Becky Schultea | Bee Lee | Bee’s Creative Garden | Bennylitanasuty | BentoPet | Beth | Bless | BlogFairy | Bloghound | BlogsWeLuv | Bobby Revell | Bobo | Bokjae | Bron Smith | Bronwyn | Buep | Bulat | Carole | Cata’s Craft | Ces | Catnapping | Chedd Eddie | Chicken Girl | Chinnee | ChocMintGirl | Cinzia | Claire | Claudia Rohling | CloudBliss | Claudine Hellmuth | Colin | Coloribus | ConanCat | Confessing7Girl | CreativeGoddess | Daisy B | Daliza | Danny | Daria | David Baldinger | Dawud Miracle | Debbie | DeeJay | Dejah | Deelip | Dennis Bjørn Petersen | DiaDia | DinToons | Dimple G | Diane Duda | Digital Scott | Diogenes | Diva Network | Dobby F | Duncan | DziBeads | Ellen Byrne | Elina | Elisa | Elizabeth | Ellis Nadler | Enigma | Erica | Erica Chin | Eslina | Ester | Eugeniagina | Evelyn | Fahmishah | Fidzah | FLSam | Froggie | Forumer | Get A Klu | Get Zapped | Ginger Pixels | GodzillaChai | Gummy, The Lovesick Alien | Hatrabbit | HeartfulBlogger | Heather | Helen | Helmy Samad | Hin Man | Huma-B | Hvm | Iantie | IJustGotBlogged | Ilustremos | Indra | Izali |
Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli | Jackqueline Lou | JakLang | James Urquhart | Janet | Janice Ng | Janice Ykema | Janie | JC | Jean Chia | Jennifer Mazur | JennyL | Jennifer Gray Olson | Jerry Lee @ 38kia | Jessica Wong | Jessie | Jim Bradshaw | Jiwarasa | Jo | Jo Coiner | Joezul | Josh | Julie Hammond | KakAni | KakLong | Karen Smithey | Karina | Kat | Kate | Katie the Queen | Kayleen West | KD Hamel | Keeyit | Khemy | Kim Coles | Kitty Loco | Kristin Saegaert | LadyJava | LAMyHome | Laura | Laura Bray | Laura Taylor Mark | Laurel Gaylord | Lauren Kate | Leah | Leslie Ho | Lian | Life Samadhi | Lili Lulu | LilKim | Lissa | Lise Richards | Lonelyhurts | Luci | Lunara | LFXT | Mabelle | Maggie | Mahdi | MakTeh | MamaBok | Manuela | Marci Senders | Maria Paula Dufour | Maria Victoria | Mariuca | Mariuca’s Perfume | Mark | MarlouB | Marta | Maryam | Mel | Melanie | Melissa H | Ming Artmaker | Michael Dailey | Michael Fredericks | Michelle Anne Dybing | Michelle Lana | Mike | Mike R. Baker | Mike Thomas | Misha | MollySu | Mommibee | Monkey Wong | Mrs Imran | MyNewHustle | Nadia da Rockin’ Mama | Nadine | NAFASG©™ | Nancy Bea Miller | Narma Namso | Nastasshea | Natali | Nessa | Netster | Nickolyne | Nicole | Nihal | Nina Seven | Nick Phillips | Ninety Nine | Nisah Haron | No directon | OLab | Onde-Onde | Online room | Oppie | Oraet! | Ovan | Paola | Patricia A | Patricia Cabana | Paulette Insall | Pelf | Pequette | Peter | Phia | Phil Gerbyshak | Pinyo | Pirusca | Poetic Evolution | Poppy Cat Saffron | Princess Pepper | Pupu | Raja | Randomyork | RatuSyura | Rhomany’s Artbox | Rima | Ringo | Roberta Baird | Robert L Maynard | Redgrave | Ricardo Guimaraes | Rolando | Roti Kacang | Roz | Rudi | Megan | RotiKacangMerah | Samuel Goh | Sandman | Sandra | Santa Claus | Santa’s Community | Sarah | Scarlet | Seiche | Sexy in Red | Sashi-isms | Shern’s Mom | Sherry Rogers | Shinade | Silvia | Sion Lee | Soap Bubble | Softart | Sophia | Sorrel | Speedcat Hollydale | SriKebakat | Stangy | Stubsy | Sudin | Sweetpea | SweetPeaMy | Swordie | Syafrizal | Tamy | Tekentijger | TeriTomato | TextUnlimited | The Real Mother Hen | Thousanddays | Tina Vaziri | Tish | Tohumusness | Tony LaRocca | Tracey | Traylorillo | Trinity | TuanRumah | Tusen | Ursula Shaw | Valeria | Valerie Walsh | Vhrsti | Victor | Wai Yien | WalkThruLife | Waterlearner | WGM | WhoIsBaby | Willie Baronet | Wira Bukit | Yani | Yvy | Zalisamaz | Zara | Zarifi Haidar | Zep | Zime | ZMoney | Zubli Zainordin | 40hourstogo |

In conjunction with this project, I am giving away a special mug with my cartoon character, Norah, painted on it! If you like to be the participant in this giveaway, please leave a comment complete with your e-mail address (will not be exposed). International participants are welcome. Closing date is on 31st October, 5pm, Malaysian time. I will announce lucky winner at 8pm the same day! Good luck!

3rd Giveaway by Emila! Back of the mug


  • Thank you so very much for the link love. :mrgreen: I think it’s a very thoughtful thing to do for your readers, indeed! As an avid coffee drinker, I think your mug would make a great addition to my collection (the artwork is fabulous!) so count me in for the contest!

    • AntiBarbie, you’re welcome. Thank you for joining in the draw!

  • Awwwwwww…Emila, you are such a great friend :smile:
    You already know my email address…he he he:)

    You have me all teary eyed. I want that Mug!!!! What a fantastic post. Emila is AWESOME :mrgreen:

    • Bobby! thank you! This is the least I can do to all! Oh I wish I could give to all! An BTW, as the host of the project, of course you’ll get a mug from me! Yay!

  • Hi Emila. I just found your site today through Monday Artday. I’ve enjoyed looking around at your illos. I’ll be back to see more.

  • Hi Lisa! Thank you! Glad you join Monday Artday!

  • What a nice post, I happen to know one of the blogs listed :roll:

    I hope I win that fanastic mug Emila… you do such fantastic work. I may have to comment a whole bunch of times -J/K (LOL!!)

    • Eric, thank you for visiting and for joining in! Hope you win!

  • OMG.. what a nice gesture Emila.. but it’s just like you..so sweet and thoughtful. Although we’ve only communicated a few times, I have that impression of you, you know :-)

    And I would love that beautiful mug.. I did not win the one Marzie was giving away but who knows.. the second time the charm.. they say? or was it the third?? ehehe..

    God Bless
    LJ :smile:

    • Hi LadyJava! Thank you for visiting and for joining in this draw. Hehe…lets hope you win!

  • Emila, such a nice post. And you are so generous! I would love to participate in your giveaway. That cup is fabulous!

    • HI JC! Glad you join! Good luck dear!

  • Waaa… semua speaking Eng, saya tak retiii…. :oops:

    • Zalisa! Tak apa, cakap Melayu je, kalau depa ni tak faham, saya faham. Terima kasih kerana sudi menjenguk!

  • Emila, thanx for the link mention. Let’s put it this way, the very existence of my being depends upon getting that mug!!! I think you get the message la … hehehe …

    • Hi Nick! Hehe..I got the message! Good luck! Hope you win!

  • Thanks for featuring my blog link in there!
    And of course I’m a huge fan of artist in the local scene, that’s why I want that mug! :D

    • Thank you for visiting Ant! Lets hope you win! Thanks for joining!

  • And btw, you never cease to inspire me. Have a great day!

  • Thank you Ant! You have a nice day too!

  • Ooohh…I’d love to have the mug, Emila…I don’t know if I can win it because I am here to tag you… :grin:

    If you feel like joining, check it out at:-


    Thanks!! :smile:

    • HI ChocMintGirl! Thank you, I will do the tag soon!

  • Emila, thank you. I am glad I am able to visit whenever I can. Blogging is very addicting and sometimes take time away from my chores. It’s always a pleasure to see Norah. She has the cutest flip-flops in blogland!

    • Thank you for visiting Ces!

  • Emila!!! What a great friendship post, I bet u did Bobby proud! :)

    AND I WANT THAT MUG!!!!! :)

  • Marzie!! Thank you! Lets hope you win!

  • I like your blog. You are doing a great job. I will love to join in this draw. I love those Mugs, and I must say I like your taste of beauty and art. We share the same taste of beauty. When shopping for mugs, I normally go for mugs with cartoon characters drawn on the body, I hate plain mugs. I must confess these mugs are simply unique. Also, you are using this competition not just to get attention but to promote love and unity in blogging. Good work indeed. Keep it up. :smile:

    • Ejiro! Thanks for joining! Glad you think my post is good!

  • Thanks.. emila, care to share with us how to decorate the mug.. I want to do it too..

    • Tuan rumah, will put up a post about how to paint it! Stay tuned!

  • Waaahhh, free mug!! I nak, I nak!! Mug is so cuteeee…. (drooling!):mrgreen:

    Thanks for the link :grin:

    • Nessa! yup free mug! Hope you’re the lucky one!

  • Hi Emila,

    Thank you for the link! I’d like to join in the fun too and hope I’ll get that cute mug :grin:

    But most of all, here’s to great new friendships in the blogosphere! :grin:

    • Eslina, thanks for participating!

  • Hi Emila,

    Thanks for the mention and link in your awesome list, and what a great post :)

    Now that’s a mug that would look good filled with a nice frothy cappuccino :)

    • Colin! thank you! A nice cappucino would really look good in it!

  • awww thanks for the link love, honored to be among the best!

    • Ascender! thank you for visiting!

  • Genie Buddy! I almost missed this give away! Thank goodness I’m not too late! I’d love to win this mug…it’s so cute! I think my daughter would love the illo of the little girl with her cat and the litttle dragonflies buzzing away in the background! And thanks for the link…never can get enuf links :):):) Alakazam!

    Genie King

    • Genie King! You have arrived in your magic carpet! Thank you for participating!

  • Thank you so much for including me. I love your blog and you are such a fantastic artist that it’s fun to see every new piece you post.

    • Jo Coiner! Thank you for dropping by! Glad you enjoy my artwork!

  • Hi Emilia, i am so touched with your blog and i did check out at once Bobby Revell’s blog who tagged you to join in the blogging friendship project. I too without hesitation decided to be part of such great cause and write about friendship. I would not vie for the mug though I love it the first time I saw how beautiful it is, but winning friends here is already a great prize for me.

    Hope you’ll take a look at my blog. Thanks!


    • Ruby! Thank you for visiting! Indeed, this is a great project! Glad you joined too!

  • Emila dear, this post is great.. I can feel friendship in the air! I think you have to make several mug Emila, because many of us will be very disappointed if we are not lucky enough… :-((

    What should I do more to get that mug? I’ll do anything! Begging, crying, asking, whatever… I WANT NORAH’S MUG!!

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

    • Trin! Glad to be your friend! Thank you for participating, hope you’ll win!

  • salam.

    rasa sayang eh rasa sayang ehhhhhh..

    terima kasih puan emila buat pautan persahabatan begini. semoga ceria dan terus berkarya.

    • Emio, salam kembali! Terima kasih kerana sudi kemari!

  • ohh boy i got tagged!

    • Netster, no you’re not! I’m just linking for friendship! Cheers!

  • thanks for the linking, woman! great list!

    i want the mug! the dragonfly is so cute! ^^

    • Jean! You’re here! Keep your fingers crossed, I hope you win! Hehe

  • :oops: You are such a thoughtful, talented and loving person! Thank You for including me and I love your pizazz!

  • Valerie! Thank you for the lovely comment. It’s great knowing you!

  • o wow! thanks. :) so sweet of u…. :grin:

  • Yvy, thanks for dropping by!

  • kak emi…as usually…GIVE ME THE MUG…hehehe

  • Marvic! Hehe..hope you’ll be the lucky one!

  • Count me in on the contest.
    It’s very thoughtful of you to include your readers links for Blogging for Friendship.

  • Lissa! Thank you! You’re in!

  • What a great post…you are such a great blogger…love beign one of your blogger friends…it has been such a great experience…thanks for all your kindness!

  • Zari! Love being your friend too!

  • ooohhhh i got too emotional and forgot to say: “hey! that mug is mine!…oooh pls! must be mine! :razz: :grin: :lol:

  • Hehe Zari! Good luck!

  • 1 need that mug :smile: , i want it :grin: ..please let it be mine.. :roll: ..thou u dun’t know me :oops: :razz: ..but, everybody wud want it i believe, soo cute;)..u r soo talented!

  • Maya, thank you for joining!

  • As usual LOVE the mug and your work! Thanks for another generous offer! Would love to sip my morning coffee from such a fun mug!


  • Kristin, thank you!

  • Hi Emila, Thanks for the Link and Happy Belated Birthday.
    The Mug is so nice and I hope to win it. :)

    • Uncle Sam! Thank you!

  • Emila, thanks so much by honoring me in your list of friends. You are a wonderful artist and I am so happy to have discovered you on the Internet! :grin:

    • Mr. Baldinger! Thank you! You too are a wonderful artist!

  • Aw! Thank you for the tag! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Creative Goddess! Thanks!

  • Hey emila,

    I am in… I would love to win that mug!! :razz:

    • HI Waterlearner! Thank you for joining!

  • Hi there,Emila “Selamat Hari raya! Rendang masih ada ?”
    Are you set to come here ? I’m waiting you know.. hehehe

  • Iantie! Selamat Hari Raya too!

  • First of all, what a lovely thought. You are sucha great illustrator and it’s an honor to have a link from you, thank you so much, you are a gem.

    And that mug is the cutest! I want it, I want it! Count me in :)


  • Daisy! Thank you! You’re a great illustrator too!

  • Aww, thanks for the link, Emila! You’re a wonderful person, and I am always happy to stop by. :)

    And yet another beautiful mug! :)

  • Tish! Thank you for dropping by! Always great to see you here!

  • Emilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! What a beautiful thing this entry of yours! We are so flattered :oops: that we can erase the BIG grin on our faces :grin:

    But what I loved the most is that you’ve included my students blog!!! Awww… thanks my friend! You are so sweet!

    Thanks Emila! :mrgreen:

  • Pati! You’re here! It’s the least I could do for friendship and hope to link to more!

  • Here’s my comment- I’d love to own you r beautiful mug! Even if I don’t I sure value you as an artistic friend on iLLustration friday – you always pick me up when I am down on my art- thanks- John

  • JRY, you’re in! Thank you so much for the lovely comments!

  • Count me!! You now I really love your mugs!!!

  • Zime! You’re in! Thanks for visiting!

  • Hi Emila,

    Count me in. Really love to have your mug.

  • Witch, you’re in!

  • thank you:)

  • Hello Ming, you’re welcome!

  • Emila, I am in time for the winning mug. I LOVE IT :):)

    Janice Ng

  • Janice, thank you for joining!

  • :razz: :razz: :razz:

    Emila:Cool design,very cute.I like it!!!

    Hope you keep going on….draw more share with us.

    You are best


  • Hala Princess, thank you for dropping by!

  • Didn’t know i was tagged. Unexpectedly it makes both my cheeks turned pink!

  • JakLang! Great to see you here!

  • Nice mug. I guess it is time for me to change mine. With this lovely mug from you, I guess all my drink will taste even better. :)

  • Hi Takfeng & Lili! Thanks for joining!

  • I love you too… blog I mean :)

    Thanks for showing the blogging love….

  • Danny! Thank you to you too!

  • Hi Emi..

    Hope u still remember me..

    Truly luv your blog and of course that lovely mug that you’re giving away..wish me luck..

  • Azlin! How could I not remember you! Your face is always fresh in my mind! Thanks for joining dear!

  • could it be mine? ….please make it happen… :lol:

  • Marvic, cross your finger! Thanks for dropping by!

  • Oh too cute! I love the blog and the mug is too cute!

    • Thanks for dropping by Elle!

  • :grin: thanks for tagging me Emila… i guess i missed your giveaway…

  • Aww, I missed your great giveaway mug! Oh, well :) What I really wanted to say was THANKS for including me in your list of blog friends! I always look forward to seeing your wonderful work; you are a fabulous artist and I enjoy looking through your blog. (Blogs are addictive, aren’t they?) Thanks again! :)

  • Hi Emilia,
    Thanks for including me on your list! I really enjoy your blog and your art. I’m sad I missed out on my chances at winning the mug, it’s very cute! And thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  • We love you too!

  • Hi Emila!

    Sorry for the late response! Thanks so much for the link love, I definitely don’t qualify for the mug anymore! :cry:

    But what a sweet gesture!

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