A weekend in Cherating, Pahang

Initially, my husband and I planned to head back to his hometown but he had a sudden change-of-mind and we headed east coast instead. We checked in a chalet upon arrival. The rate was quite high for a chalet but considering that it was situated in front of the beach, we wouldn’t mind. As we went inside the chalet, we were quite surprised to find out that there was no table or electric kettle! But we as we were tired, we just settled in for the night. We went to check out the food in the area afterward. There were three Chinese seafood restaurants and few small Muslim restaurants. We opted for the latter. The food was very very disappointing except for the grilled fish. It was yummy!

Waking up the next day, we were excited to explore the beach but got really disappointed when we found out that the beach was quite far from the chalet. There was a small swamp in-between. We felt even more disappointed to find a lot garbage, empty bottles and used diapers along the beach. Luckily there was a clean beach (in front of Kampung Inn) few meters away from the ‘garbage’ area. We camped there and Yassin got to built his sandcastle.

Yassin running around in front of the chalet

Yassin playing with sand

Yassin pretending to be a back-hoe loader

Managed to capture my favourite tiny creature!

Yassin and his dad building a sand tower!

In the afternoon, we checked out of the chalet and checked in a 3-star hotel (Residence Inn) nearby and it was far more better. For the same fee rate, we have coffee making facility and I got to boil water to make Yassin’s milk! Later in the afternoon, we drove along the main road in search of a more clean beach and found one at the end of Lorong Siti Nur Hasmah, situated about few kilometers from the chalets area. As for food, we went further up and found a good place to eat, Chendor R&R. We haven’t explored much of the eating places as our main idea was to enjoy the beach. That night we had dinner at the Inn. It was good despite the slow service. The Inn was supposed to have internet connection but we couldn’t get connected even after their technical department assisted the matter. We just watched the tv and settled for the the night. We checked out the next day and dropped by Lorong Siti Nur Hasmah once again to enjoy the clean beach and the great wind.

The beach at the end of Lorong Siti Nur Hasmah

Yassin made friend with a little kitten and fed him with Parmesan Cheesels. The kitten ate about six and ignored the last ring.

My tired baby!

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  1. Emila! Superb picture of Yassin playing with the sand! My fav shot from ur trip 🙂

    Sorry to hear the vacation didn’t turn out as fun as it should’ve been, but hey… you got to spend time with Yassin and hubbs, with no worries abt work or anything!

    PS. If it was me, for sure I’d be throwing a tantrum oredi at Residence Inn for failing to give the Internet connection despite having their tech ppl come over! 😉

  2. Photos of Yassin at the beach is the best part of the whole vakasi (LOL !! I know how to use the word now). So long as Yassin enjoyed himself I think the trip is still worthwhile. I would be throwing tantrum like Marzie for the lousy internet servicing too…;p

  3. Wow, sand and surf. Such a lovely place. Sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out that well. But at least you get to spend quality time with yur hubby and little yassin. 🙂

  4. Hey Marzie! I was a bit frustrated with the internet connection and for that I missed Mike’s Blogathon!

    Hi Janice, the trip was fun despite the few frustrations. I anticipated the lousy internet connection – it’s too good to be true. Ah well, maybe they have configuration problems.

    Hi Joezul, nice to see you here. Thank you for the funny poems in my 2nd giveaway post! The quality time spent is precious!

  5. waaah…cherating. i love to be there again n again. but i never stayed at 3 star hotel (or higher), juz stayed at kampung style chalet n of course with sea view. i like photo of yasin behind his papa….:)

  6. emila, seeing yassin played with the sand reminds me of how much i missed the beach.. 🙄

    yassin still on pacifier? hehe.. so cute..!! :mrgreen:

  7. Cherating is nice place for holidays. Kuantan is my 2nd Kampung. I beleive you and your family enjoyed the beaches. Grilled Fish(IKan Bakar) is very famous there.
    Pak Su Seafood restaurant(famous one) is located at Besarah beach and its famous for its seafood. This restaurant is open from lunch till late in the evening for dinner. Its famous amongs local and tourist too. Business hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am -2:30pm & 5:30pm-12midnight Saturday&Sunday 11:30am -3:00pm & 5:30pm-12midnight


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