blueeyedcat.jpg  greeneyedcat.jpg
Tompok (left)  & At (right)
Material: Prismacolor Colored Pencil
ACEO Format

Tompok was my husband’s cat. He found her in the dench and brought her home one rainy day. She died while giving birth to her kitten. The kitten didn’t survived as well. At is my mother’s. My mother practically went out to look for a cat to chase away all the dancing rats.

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  1. dh hampir 8 thun sy x mengalami perasaan sedih kehilangan kucing… sbb meow yg bela skrg ni pun dh almost 8 yrs… meow yg paling lama tggal dgn sy… yg sblum2 ni x kekal lma, ada yg sakit… ada yg hilang… harap2 meow sy skrg trus pnjg umur.. x bleh byg kn andai suatu hari nnti tiba2 ‘dia’ prgi tggal kan sy…

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