I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Chicken Girl to list 6 weird things about me.

  1. I love reading children’s books beside thin novels. Thick books just make me go sleepy fast!

  2. I paint during wee hours; around 1am to 4am.

  3. I always read magazines from the back, easier for me to flip from left to right.

  4. I’m 3/4 left-handed! I ONLY draw and write using my right hand. (this explains no. 3).

  5. I can’t draw when people are watching. If there are people around, I have to cover it with my hand.

  6. I think dragonflies love me! They’re always near me everywhere I go. Some of them practically perched on my hand for no reason.

Now I’m tagging Laurel (Studio Lolo), Enigma, Katie The Queen, Pati (Cabana Digital) and Erika!

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