Gloomy everyday

Gloomy day
(Material: Done in digital, using Illustrator and Photoshop)

Looks like it’s going to rain again today. It rained yesterday. It’s probably going to rain tomorrow. So here’s posting an illustration of the gloomy rain.

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        1. i pun dah tersilap tadi..i ingat u cakap pasal new post so i pegi kat dollies adventures-the clique and ckp i dah miss this one..

          i pun malu gak…. uarghhh…

  1. Yay!! I love rain 😀 Love the sound of rain… wish I could play in the rain like I did when I was a kid but people would think I’ve lost my mind… hehe

    1. I love rain too 🙂 listening to the sound of rain gives me comfort.. although not when it has combine with thunderstorm..

    1. itu la.. panas sokmo.. habis badan melekit berpeluh -_-”
      tapi hari ni jerebu pulak.. kurang sikit panas..
      hmm.. when is it going to rain.. I missed rain >.<

        1. horeee! dah nak 300.. haha.. tak sangka bulan ni kena byk komen sampai lebih 300. ingat mcm bulan lepas je..

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