Monologue Soft Sketch Book

It was when I flipped through the papers that I fell in love with it. From inside, then I went on to the cover, I love everything about it; the 200 gsm Italian acid free drawing paper, the ribbon bookmarker, the black PU-flexi cover with round corners, and the elastic band closure. I knew I just had to have it. Paid SGD26 for it. I was in Singapore at that time.



Here are some drawings I made in the sketchbook:





You can see more of the artworks I made in the sketchbook on my previous posts: Random watercolour sketch and Sketching using watercolour pencils.

So, do you have a sketchbook? Ever consider of getting one for yourself? Need reasons to own a sketchbook? Ok, here are some:

  • Store all your ideas in the sketchbook. Make your thoughts real. You can draw/doodle all you want. Nobody is judging you.
  • Treat it as your journal. Write the date and draw something you see on daily basis.
  • You will develop your skills in freehand sketching.
  • Doodling in your sketchbook is a soothing way to pass the time. Try it while waiting for the bus, or waiting for your friends to show up.
  • Sketchbooks can help you resolve your emotional problems. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that’s very effective. You don’t need the help of professional therapist — you just need to have a sketchbook.

So did I enticed you enough to buy a sketchbook? Then get one. You can get this brand online at or get any brand you like.

monologuetm Soft Sketch Book product specifications:

  • Black PU flexi cover with round corners
  • 200 gsm Italian acid free drawing paper
  • Rough textured paper surface suitable for various drawing techniques
  • Surfaced treated with vegetable gel, specially formulated to comply with ISO9706 and features long lasting stability
  • This paper has a rough surface suitable for drawing with the following techniques: Charcoal – Graphite – Pencil – Pastel – Oil Pastel – Wax Crayon – Acrylic – Collage – Oil – Spray – Tempera – Watercolour – Indian Ink – Gouache – Drawing Ink – Etching – Acquatint – Burin – Linocut – Lithography – Monotype – Dry Point – Silk Screen Process – Wood Engraving
  • Black elastic band closure & ribbon bookmarker
  • Available in 3 sizes: A4, A5 & A6