Mar 3, 2015

Jobs done, jobs in progress

After completing the set of illustrations for the Shanghai book publisher (total of 14 spreads; equivalent to 28 pages), I quickly started another book illustrations commissioned by a teacher-author, Puan Naemah Ismail. Total pages is 16. And this set has been completed as well.



Now I am working on another book illustrations for award-winning author, Puan Mahaya Mohd. Yassin. Total pages that I have to draw is 9. Now working on the third page.



Mar 3, 2015

Top 3 Commenters giveaway prizes


I am truly sorry because I hardly have time to update this blog. Been illustrating and illustrating for books and combined with house chores, you know the result.

Ok, here are the giveaways for combined month of January and February. I am going to extend this giveaway to this weekend (8 March; 11.59pm) to give chance to commenters to determine which one they like and put in comments towards it.

Top 1 will get this lovely Klimt hemp painted bag that I bought in Frankfurt worth around RM200. Are you familiar with Klimt? I am a fan of his works.


2nd Top will get my original painting ‘Ivy Girl’ worth RM180. Medium: colorpencil on bass wood.


3rd top will get my hand-painted totebag titled Flying. It  is worth around RM150.


Good luck! Will try to get some posts up today.


Feb 11, 2015



The bird sings
ethereal song
—hearts renewed.
-Em, 160115.

Feb 11, 2015


I am not poetic but trying to balance visual with textual creativity. Some random thoughts in my sketchbook.
No Words

It is not easy
to reach the surface
to find words,
when drowning
in the sea of thoughts.
-Em 100115

Feb 11, 2015

Flowers of Heart


Fill the garden of heart
With flowers of happiness
Leave the hatred far.
- Em, 241214

Feb 11, 2015

A Heartbeat

From my sketchbook.


A glance, no words
One heart beat
Heard aloud.
-Em 101214


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